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iPhone software for spying have been around for quite a while, but they have not managed to garner much attention because more often than not, they are showcased as harmful tools. That, however, is not the case. These tools can be incredibly helpful and can come in handy in several ways. Now like any other iPhone user, you must have questions like what these spy apps are capable of, how they can prove useful, how are they not harmful, and what are their limitations. We understand your concerns and have tried to answer all of them in detail below.

How can iPhone Spy Software Prove Useful?

These spying solutions can be used to monitor activities of someone else. This potential can of course be put to use in a lot of different ways. You can use it to spy on someone, which of course is illegal and can send you to jail for a long time, or you can use these tools the right way, which generally involve seeking consent prior to its installation on the target device. Parents use them to keep an eye on their kids’ digital activities in order to keep them safe from online threats, whereas employers install these apps on their employees’ phones, often company property, to discourage them from excessive use of digital privileges for non-work related activities. This legal use of iPhone spy software is generally known as monitoring as opposed to spying.

iPhone Spy Software

What iPhone Spying Tech is Capable of?

iPhone spying software are equipped with a ton of features, each tailor-made to facilitate the user in gaining access to the data on the target device. Here’s what you can expect from a relatively good dedicated spying tool.

No Jailbreak Requirement: The luxury of being able to keep tabs on a non-jailbroken iPhone had remained elusive for many years, but certain spy software companies have managed to finally crack the code.

Call Details: This feature lets you remotely view call logs, which include details regarding all incoming and outgoing calls, as well as the phone numbers, time of call, dates, and duration of calls.

Contact Details: You are given sight of all the contacts stored in the phonebook of the target device.

Text Message Logging: You are given access to contents of each and every message sent and received on the target device, including their timestamp.

Location Tracking: You are kept aware of the target device’s whereabouts through GPS tracking.

Instant Messaging Monitoring: Popular instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Kik, Viber, Skype, and LINE can be monitored through these solutions.

Browser History Logging: You are delivered complete list of URLs visited on the target iPhone.

Pictures and Video: You gain access to Gallery on the target device, including pictures and videos.

How Are These Tools Not Harmful?

Spying software offer features that are meant for monitoring, so their being harmful or harmless completely depends on the users. You can take a spying software, install it on someone’s device without their consent, and then you’ll have eyes on all of their activities. This of course is not the right way to use this tech because you are intending to violate their privacy and, if caught, can end-up in jail. Just for the sake of explaining the point clearly, let’s assume that you’re an employer looking to keep tabs on your employees. Then the right way to go about it would be to tell your employees that you’re going to install a spying solution on their iPhone. It doesn’t do any harm, and lets you safeguard your reasonable and legitimate concerns without worrying about anything. So to sum up, we can say that harmfulness and harmlessness of spying tools completely depends on the users.

The Limitations of iPhone Spy Software

There are of course some limitations of these solutions as well. Firstly, they cannot be installed remotely on the target device. It’s true that certain spy software makers have found a way to get around this issue, but even the workaround is plagued by a set of complications. Secondly, despite undergoing some massive advancements over the years, iPhone spy software has still not learned to hide its tracks completely. It was and continues to remain detectable. That’s actually quite a relief as it gives you a chance against snoops and hackers.

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