Some Effective Tips When Playing Dinner Dash in Friv Site

Are you looking for games that can ease your boredom? Yes, there are a myriad of computer games that you can enjoy though some of them are available for a fee. However, there are also those that are totally free. You might be wondering why these sites like Jogos friv online  enjoyable games to play offer free games like what’s the catch? Are they doing this out of their good hearts? We know for a fact that it cost money to establish an online website so what is in there for the website owner?

Yes, you are right and though their games might be free, but if you noticed, there are ads around the pages where you can download the game. That is what they can get as every ad owner will pay them every second that they are opened. Thus you can say that for gamers, this is a big thing so you should take advantage of this.

Playing Dinner Dash .

One of their games is the Dinner Dash Game. For sure you already heard about this as this game is also available in other sites though as what is mentioned before, you sometimes need to pay a certain amount. If you are having a hard time playing this game, then these tips might be of help:

  • There are bonuses when you will match the color of the diners to the tables. This is why, be sure you will consider this before assigning them the seats.
  • Be efficient. You don’t need to wait on one table and instead, you can do combo jobs like give menus at the same time, collect the orders at the same time and serve them at the same time as well. This way, you will not just work faster, but at the same time, you can also collect bonuses.

Playing Dinner Dash ...

  • You will be rewarded for every level you did well. However, unless you really need the upgrade, you should not waste your money and save it for the rainy days or when the game will become more difficult.
  • Be sure to keep your customers happy even those who are already seated. Yes, there are tools that can aid you in doing so. Use them to your advantage. Note that even those who are already seated can still leave and you will lose money for sure.


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