Your guide to watch Sky TV in Germany

Most TV users in UK have experienced the services of Sky TV, which happens to be the most preferred and popular digital television platform. In fact, there are more than seven million households that prefer and use SKY, with strength of 17.5 million viewers. The popularity of the platform is more than a few reasons. While the amazing range of channels is definitely something that attracts viewers, the packages are equally good. What’s even great is the fact that more customers outside UK can access their services, as their services are offered via satellite instead of cable. If you are Germany, you can use the services of Sky, and here are some of the hints you need.

watch Sky TV in Germany

Basics of TV satellite System of Sky

Sky services come via their digital satellite system, which allow the users to get the Sky TV programming. With every box, you will get the custom on-screen program guide along with the choice of over 100 channels, starting with music, sports, documentary, kid channels, news, entertainment and much more. Their services also include non-subscription radio and TV channels. If you don’t want to get a card right away, that is still okay, as many channels are available for free view.

TV satellite System of Sky

Costs and packages

If you are thinking about how to watch Sky TV in Germany, you don’t need to worry much. They have quite a wide range of packages and their services are pretty much affordable. There are mixes available for entertainment packages, which are well priced below £25 a month, while some of the advanced packages that include Sky Movie and Sports packages are around £50 a month. Their service in Germany also includes HD channels, which can be added to the package for just an extra amount of £10.

Costs and packages

Dish size considerations

Depending on your location, the dish size for Sky TV signal is decided. If you are in the North & West German cities, including Munster, you will need 80cm -100cm dish for clearer reception. In the South, for cities like Munich, 100cm dish is a must, while for cities in the East like Berlin, larger dishes of 180cm are required. It is best to check with a local dish installation company that deals with Sky TV to find the best choice. Check online as there are some great websites, where you can check the cities in Germany having Sky satellite services. Before installation, do ask all the relevant questions and make sure that you get all the information regarding the packages.

Dish size considerations

Sky offers quite a varied bundle of packages, depending on the needs of the customers. Their premium channels are worth paying on any given day, so make sure that you consider the same. TV experience can change with Sky, and with the same kind of services like that of UK, you can be assured of premium quality entertainment. With prices that are affordable, their services are easily the best and is great for all kinds of families, including those with kids.

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